As ISAPUR employees, it is our basic principle to continue our performance and competitive success by offering “HIGH QUALITY” products that will provide “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” continuously to the world market.
For this Purpose,
In parallel with the national and international technological developments, we will identify our customers’ needs and demands timely and serve them bigbags, meeting the international standards, and fulfill their expectations.
With our educated, creative, participating, continuously developing and happy employees and collaborating suppliers we will improve our process by understanding the changing and evolving needs of our customers and the market.
Our indispensable principle is to increase the satisfaction of our customers, by giving importance to their scale of economics in their activities, following the technical and technological developments in quality, to protect the environment and to create suitable environment in occupational health safety.
In all our activities we will respect and be honest towards our personnel, customers, government, and competition.
We will meet the training needs of our personnel, will adopt the modern management principles, will ensure the increase of the confidence and loyalty of our colleagues to the company, help them to follow the developing technology and will open the way for those who want to improve themselves.
The company management will support all its employees by continuously improving the quality management system in line with these principles and ensure the use of the necessary resources to guarantee continuity of customer satisfaction.


• Use environmental safe raw materials
• Eliminate and reduce elements that will harm the environment during the stages of production, use, and dispose.
• Reduce wastages and recycle
• Invest in new technologies to use less natural resources
• Aim for maximum energy saving
• Educate our staff and suppliers about environmental issues