1-2 Point Lift Bigbags

These big bags are the most advantageous big bags in comparison to the cost among other big bags. Due its lean construction it is easy to use, and with its different width fabric selection it enables to serve a wide volume range. Thanks to its unique design, it offers users maximum load carrying capacity with minimum cost design. It also provides a cost advantage in transportation. In accordance with the UN Class Dangerous Goods and the EN ISO 21898 directive, bigbags can be designed to carry both non-hazardous products. Depending on customer needs bigbags can be produced as 1 or 2 lift, coated or uncoated, optionally with or without liner. Liners can be attached to the bigbags according customer needs.

Some Advantages;

• Printing options up to 7 different colors
• PE liner design with pressure release, suitable for fast filling, with air release channel
• Special designs suitable for Bags on roll
• 100% waterproof liner production
• Advantage of recycling of Bigbags with PP liner.

Construction options:

Top open, with liner
Top panel top
Top filling
Star bottom
Square or rectangular bottom
Square or rectangular bottom, discharge spout

Fertilizer, feed industry and other agricultural products,
Cement, different minerals and sand salt